Monday, 7 July 2014

Different Types of Traditional Indian Jewelry

When we talking about Indian wedding the first special thing about wedding that comes to our mind is traditional Indian jewelry because it is a center of attraction in every party and wedding, it is also reflect true India. Actually the Imperious Traditional Indian Jewellery is very special and exclusive that makes Indian wedding unique and something special and working and designing on traditional jewelry makes gorgeous instead of other jewelry, in rural area you found pure traditional kind of jewelry, it is true that any Indian wedding incomplete without jewelry and Indian bridals can’t imagine her perfect look without jewelry because they both are complement each other but it is also true that every bridals have their different jewelry style like rural area bridals like to wear heavy jewelry and modern type of bridals like to wear light weight but traditional jewelry because of its stylish and royal look. Different types of traditional Indian jewelry design include in necklace, anklet, armlet, toe ring, waistbands, head ornaments (rakhdi), nose pink with chain and many more, when you see this type of jewelry brilliance and garnish you will be stunned and gladden. Indian jewelry not limited in traditional design it is also found in antique, ancient, mughal and so on.

We known now all Indian bridals want to know about this kind of other jewelry because it is also popular as like traditional Indian jewelry and this kind of is also famous in their regions like in Rajasthan - kundan meena, in Delhi - mughal jewelry, different regions and cultures have their unique works and designs, so if you want to know more about this in summary then stay with us because today we share some different types of traditional Indian jewelry and they all kind of jewelry is perfect for bridals and the jewelry types are given below:-

Ancient Indian Jewelry:- Since the jewelry was not the origin of when jewelry were made out of natural items like feather, bones, flowers, cloves, elephant teeth and stones, these all kind of elements are popular in ancient peoples means tribes and in ancient times, marriages were then these ornaments were made with this items. And yet, like many tribal wear this kind of jewelry in their wedding.

Mughal Period Jewelry:- This kind of jewelry was origin in mughal era, when the Mughal kings and queens used to wear jewelry means Mughal kings wear crown on their head was made by jewelry and the queens wear different kinds of jewelry recognized as Mughal jewelry. But nowadays this jewelry become more famous among muslim bridals due to its princely look and stylish designs, working and artwork.

Rajasthani Jewelry:- It is one of the oldest created and worn jewelry style in India the name is Kundan jewellery and this jewelry form is still popular among Indian woman’s due to its good workmanship and complicated designs, kundan work is really oldest method of gem setting where the gold foil is enter among stone and its mount, this jewelry also famous in modern woman’s and to be bride because of its stunning and mesmerized look and not only Indian women but also other country females also attract like to wear this.

Today traditional Indian jewelry is not only famous in India but also other country like UK, USA, Canada and so on because of its complicated and stylish design pattern and this pattern is exclusive who never found at any other place. Anyways we hope you like this information if yes then please share this info with your friends and if you think this info could be better then tell us how by your comments on this post and if our moderator like your comments then they add in this post, please keep in touch with us by this blog because we share continuously useful info about jewelry. Information is provided by famous Handmade Silver Jewellery Manufacturer situated in India offers top quality jewelry at cheap price to our prestigious customers.

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